Top 10 reasons for riding a bike

Here are my top 10 reasons for riding a bike in Dublin.  What are yours?

  1. Beat the traffic jams – whiz past those huge queues of cars
  2. Arrive on time every time – your journey time is the same regardless of weather or school terms
  3. Get fit and healthy – build exercise into your daily routine
  4. Tone those muscles – keep those legs and ass looking great
  5. Arrive at work feeling amazing – you will feel energised for the whole day
  6. Enjoy those snacks guilt-free – you’ve earned them
  7. Get to know your city – you’ll see a lot more at a slower pace
  8. Love your planet – and embrace your inner smugness
  9. Save lots of money – enough to buy yourself another bike
  10. Put a smile on your face – let the endorphins flow


Richard Bloomfield

Richard is the founder of Dublin Bike Blog. He commutes to work every day by bike, come rain or shine, on his Dutch city bike. You can read more from Richard on his blog

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