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WorkCycles Opafiets

I took delivery of my WorkCycles Azor Opafiets (grandpa bike) this weekend, a traditional-style Dutch city bike.

WorkCycles are an Amsterdam-based company that distribute and make modern versions of traditional Dutch city bikes, together with transportation and cargo bikes. The bikes have hand-built frames and use the best components to make study bikes that will last.

Workcycles Opafiets – the latest object of my affection

The latest object of my affection – the Workcycles Opafiets dutch style bike.

It seems to tick all my boxes – it’s a proper transportation bike with an upright seating position, it had the option of 8-speed hub gears, and as luck would have it the Dutch Bike Shop here in Dublin are a Workcycles dealership – and they also do the bike to work scheme.

Deciding on a new Dutch Bike

I’m thinking about getting myself a new Dutch-style upright bike, but I’m not exactly sure which one I want. I’m considering both the Pashley Roadster Sovereign and the BSP Barista, which both appeal to me for different reasons, but I’ve not really fallen in love with either of them.