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How to beat the bus strike with your bike

On Friday and Saturday this week, the Dublin Bus and Bus √Čireann drivers are due to be on strike, affecting up to 850,000 journeys over the 48 hour period.

Your plan may be to switch to your car for tomorrow’s commute, but you just know the roads are going to be gridlocked. So why not dust off that old bike in the shed, and cycle to work?

How to Rent a Bike in Dublin

If you’re visiting Dublin and want an easy way to get around the city, then renting a bike for a few days can be a great option.

For short trips around the city centre, a ‘Dublin Bikes’ bike is ideal, and a 3-day tourist ticket is available. For longer trips, a number of companies offer bike rental.

Long Way Home

I had cheerfully announced to my wife during the day that tonight I was going to take the “Long Way Home”. She was heading for the gym after work, and in an effort to feel a bit virtuous myself, I was going to extend my usual bike commute.