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By | 25 March, 2013

Leaving your bike locked up outside – exposed to the elements, and to bike thieves – can be worrying. However renting your own Bike Locker may give you some peace of mind.

It’s a bit like having a private garage just for your bike. Each Bike Locker is a fully-enclosed metal structure that allows you to store your bike and accessories in a secure and dry location. There are 150 bike lockers available at 15 locations around Dublin.

Bike Locker

Bike Locker

There’s no pricing information listed on the Bike Locker website itself, but this offer suggests that it could cost as little as €75 a year to rent a private locker – which is a small price to pay for some peace of mind.

The current positioning of the bike lockers next to train and luas stations indicates that the company is targeting people who combine cycling and public transport for commuting – and if that’s you, then a bike locker may be a great option to secure your ride against thieves during the day. Or you might like to use a locker if you live nearby, but don’t have room in your house/apartment to store a bike.

Author: Richard Bloomfield

Richard is the founder of Dublin Bike Blog. He commutes to work every day by bike, come rain or shine, on his Dutch city bike. You can read more from Richard on his blog

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