Consultation on Cycle Network

The National Transport Authority has launched a public consultation on proposals for changes to the cycle network both within Dublin and throughout Ireland.

The proposals include increasing the length of cycle network from 500km (as it is today) to around 2,840km, and includes changes to primary and secondary routes, as well as greenways.  It’s an extensive document (228 pages), and it goes into great detail comparing the cycle routes of today with the aspirations for the future.

I particularly like the idea of building more greenway routes throughout the city – allowing cyclists to get away from traffic completely, and enjoy a peaceful uninterrupted journey.

Proposed Greenway Routes
Proposed Greenway Routes

The plan also forecasts a rise in cycle trips from the current 22,000 each day to 75,000 by 2021, in the Greater Dublin area.

Full details of the consultation and a form to give feedback are on the NTA website.  Any comments need to be submitted by Monday 18th October.

Richard Bloomfield

Richard is the founder of Dublin Bike Blog. He commutes to work every day by bike, come rain or shine, on his Dutch city bike. You can read more from Richard on his blog

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