5,000 Dublin Bikes by 2018

The number of Dublin Bikes on the city streets is set to increase by 1,000% over the next 4 years, if plans announced this week come to fruition.

At the moment, the Dublin Bikes scheme is undergoing its ‘phase three’ expansion, which brings the number of bikes from its current level to 1,500 by June, with 102 stations.

Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn said the popularity of the scheme will see it increase to 5,000 bikes across the city and into the suburbs by 2018 at the latest.

Full story: ‘Free’ bike scheme to expand 10-fold as pedal power grows – Independant.ie

Richard Bloomfield

Richard is the founder of Dublin Bike Blog. He commutes to work every day by bike, come rain or shine, on his Dutch city bike. You can read more from Richard on his blog richardbloomfield.ie.

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