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Understanding Cycling on Pavements

The Irish law is very clear when it comes to Pavements – it is illegal to cycle or drive along the pavement, with the only exception being to cross the pavement to access a driveway.

However, the issues surrounding cycling on the pavement stretch beyond the letter of the law, and often evoke very strong emotions on both sides.

Understanding Health and Safety Best Practise when Cycling

When thinking about the Health and Safety of cyclists on our roads, it’s often in reference to wearing helmets and high visibility clothing. However, safety on our roads should not be only about what you wear, but about how you act. Personal protective equipment such as helmets and high-vis clothes should be your last line of defence, not your only one!

How to Commute to Work by Bike

In rush hour traffic, a bike can often be the quickest and most enjoyable way to get to work. It’s also a lot cheaper than driving or catching the bus, and is a great way to fit exercise into your daily routine. However for some people the idea of cycling to work can seem a little daunting, and so I’ve prepared a few tips to help those who would who are considering joining the increasing numbers of bike commuters in Dublin.