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Brief informal guides about how to accomplish a particular task. Our how to posts are intended to help out notice cyclists.

How to Cycle Safely in the Bad Weather

The days are growing short, and the weather is definitely getting worse. The summer now seems like a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean the bike needs to go into hibernation over the winter.

With a bit of planning and forethought you can carry on cycling through whatever the Irish winter throws at you.

How to Mount the Moon Comet Rear Light on a Pannier Rack

The saddle-mount for the Moon Comet was a bit awkward to use, and the strap for the seat-post mount felt a bit flimsy. It never gripped very tightly, and as such the light kept moving around in transit, and I always got the impression that the rubber might snap if pulled too tightly.

What I really wanted was to mount the light on the back of my pannier rack, where it would be out of the way, and look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

How to Commute to Work by Bike

In rush hour traffic, a bike can often be the quickest and most enjoyable way to get to work. It’s also a lot cheaper than driving or catching the bus, and is a great way to fit exercise into your daily routine. However for some people the idea of cycling to work can seem a little daunting, and so I’ve prepared a few tips to help those who would who are considering joining the increasing numbers of bike commuters in Dublin.