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Brief informal guides about how to accomplish a particular task. Our how to posts are intended to help out notice cyclists.

How to pack a small tool kit for your bag

It’s often useful to carry a few tools around with you, just in case you need to perform a few road-side repairs or adjustments to your bike.

Many people use a small saddle bag to store a few tools, but I’ve chosen instead to use an old pencil case. It sits at the bottom of my pannier bag wherever I go, and is big enough to carry all the tools I might need while out and about.

How to keep your bike secure at work

My office has a bike cage in the underground car park, and this week it was broken into and a number of bikes were stolen.

Apparently there’s been quite a few bike thefts from office car parks in recent times. They offer rich pickings, what with all those employees that have expensive bikes bought through the Cycle to Work scheme – and the thieves can operate relatively undisturbed during the working day.

How to beat the bus strike with your bike

On Friday and Saturday this week, the Dublin Bus and Bus √Čireann drivers are due to be on strike, affecting up to 850,000 journeys over the 48 hour period.

Your plan may be to switch to your car for tomorrow’s commute, but you just know the roads are going to be gridlocked. So why not dust off that old bike in the shed, and cycle to work?

How to Rent a Bike in Dublin

If you’re visiting Dublin and want an easy way to get around the city, then renting a bike for a few days can be a great option.

For short trips around the city centre, a ‘Dublin Bikes’ bike is ideal, and a 3-day tourist ticket is available. For longer trips, a number of companies offer bike rental.