Welcome to the Dublin Bike Blog, a web site about bicycles.

My name is Richard, and I’m hoping over time to gather together some useful information about cycling – both for newbies and experienced riders – to help you get the most out of riding your bike!

If you’re fairly new to bikes, you might like to check out the ‘How To’ section, which is full great advice!  And if you’re developing your passion for cycling, you’ll maybe find something interesting in the ‘Understanding’ pages.

I’m not an expert on cycling, and I’m definitely not one of those lycra-clad road warriors that clock up 200km ‘spins’ at a weekend. I’m just someone who enjoys riding a bike, and finds it incredibly useful for getting about in the city – to get to work, visit friends, and run errands. And so this blog will mainly be focused on utility cycling, and will also be based around Dublin in Ireland, because that’s where I live.

What I ride

Here’s what I ride to get around the city – a WorkCycles Opafiets – it’s a beast of a bike (20kg +) but the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had, and almost indestructible:

WorkCycles Opafiets Dutch city bike
WorkCycles Opafiets Dutch city bike

If I need to be a bit more sporty, I also have a Cube hybrid bike that’s still going strong after 5 years of service:

Cube Hyde
Cube Hyde

Editorial policy

I tend to write about what interests me. That might include cycling events that happen in Dublin or beyond, or bike products that I have personally used or are interested in.

At the moment, this site receives no financial incentives to endorse or promote any event or product.  However, if someone did want to offer cold hard cash to promote something, then I’d consider it, as long as it fitted in with the ethos of this blog. Any promoted/sponsored post would also be clearly indicated as such.




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