5,000 Dublin Bikes by 2018

The number of Dublin Bikes on the city streets is set to increase by 1,000% over the next 4 years, if plans announced this week come to fruition.

How to Save Money when Returning Items to Chain Reaction Cycles from Ireland

The good people at Chain Reaction Cycles provide an great service to Irish customers, from their base in Ballyclare in Co Antrim.

They have a vast array of cycling gear in stock, and offer free delivery to any destination in Ireland with no minimum order value.

Unfortunately it’s not free if you need to return an item from outside the UK.

Understanding Dangerous Overtaking

Pretty much every cyclist has “near-miss” stories about when a car overtook them too close and too fast.

Sometimes this happens when drivers act rashly and misjudge the situation, but sometimes it’s also because the driver is acting out of ignorance or malice.

Another Flat Tyre

It’s hard to describe the exact feeling, but once you’ve experienced it a few times you learn to recognise it. The handling of the bike starts to feel a bit weird – a bit unstable – as if the wheels are sliding a bit to each side.

It’s the feeling of a flat tyre – and of the consequential loss of grip on the road.

Understanding Cycling on Pavements

The Irish law is very clear when it comes to Pavements – it is illegal to cycle or drive along the pavement, with the only exception being to cross the pavement to access a driveway.

However, the issues surrounding cycling on the pavement stretch beyond the letter of the law, and often evoke very strong emotions on both sides.

How to Mount the Moon Comet Rear Light on a Pannier Rack

The saddle-mount for the Moon Comet was a bit awkward to use, and the strap for the seat-post mount felt a bit flimsy. It never gripped very tightly, and as such the light kept moving around in transit, and I always got the impression that the rubber might snap if pulled too tightly.

What I really wanted was to mount the light on the back of my pannier rack, where it would be out of the way, and look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.